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Last updated: 02/26/2018

The Bridgecom BCR-220 repeater placed in service November 3, 2016!


224.660 MHz -1.6 100 Hz PL - The antenna is a Husler G7-220 Base Antenna.


The Yeasu System Fusion DR-1X Repeater (Analog/Digital) placed in service June 20, 2014!


443.350  MHz +5 100Hz PL - K8VEB-R Echolink 443350 - Wires-x Node 11187/Room 211187
Yaesu's website: Yeasu System Fusion - Yaesu's System Fusion PDF - Yahoo! Groups: Yeasu System Fusion
RepeaterBook: USA National YSF Repeater Directory - RepeaterBook: Michigan YSF Repeater Directory

Thank you for stopping by! I am Bill (K8VEB) and I hope you enjoy the site!

My Father (K8VEB) introduced me to Ham Radio. When I was 14 years  ld I took my Novice and Technician license exam on our kitchen table. Boy it took almost 3 months to get the results back from the FCC (I was told this is good). It is now August 2, 1962. The mail man delivered a letter from the FCC addressed to William Sherman! I ripped the letter open! WN8FDB! I am now a Novice Ham Radio Operator! (The novice license then was good for 1 year, and it could not be renewed.)  CW here I come! I the fired up the Knightkit R100 receiver and the Knightkit T60 transmitter! The only crystal I had was for 80 meters CW! Now just a minute Bill, you need to go over the the Gonset Communicator IV. I had my Dad go to his car and meet me on 2 meter AM. Yes, my first QSO as a ham radio operator was on 2 meter AM with my Father (K8VEB)! Lets move forward to August 16, 1962. The mail man delivered a letter from the FCC! I ripped this one open like I did the first! WOW. I am also WA8PEJ! I knew that Dad would be on 6 meter AM (Utica 650) mobile on his way home from work. I fired up his Hammarlund HQ-170 receiver and the Ameco TX62 Transmitter and gave him a call on 50.4 AM. Boy was he surprised when he found out this was me! Dad and I are now both technician class Ham Radio Operators! My Dad passed away in 1972, and through the Vanity program I was able to request and get his call.